According to many researchers, it is known that communication skill is evaluated on the same axis as human civilization. The communication needs of people, who have learned and succeeded in communicating in different ways throughout the ages, continue to increase, albeit with different needs and opportunities. By meeting this need with contemporary methods, communication education, in which aesthetic values ​​and creativity are emphasized, seems inevitable. The necessity of the “Communication Arts” section, which aims to convey the design, art and scientific knowledge that the needs and possibilities brought by the 21st century and shaped by technological transformation at any time, can be clearly seen. It is a period in which the communication problems and solutions of the countries are academically discussed by transcending the individual and society. When evaluating the methods developed by international companies and governments under the communication strategies, it can be clearly seen how universal application and working area of ​​communication is. Therefore, the purpose of the Communication Arts department is to raise individuals with a universal and qualified education approach that follows all technological and social developments, who will expand the communication culture, who have a high perception of value, innovative and free thinking.

Our department, which aims to introduce the profession as individuals who are able to adapt to changing conditions, to adapt to changing conditions, to create new and original thoughts with a critical perspective, with different layers such as communication, media, culture, design and art. It is aimed to train leading, exemplary and voice communication experts in national and international platforms that can establish unity.